What is an Auction?
It is a fun, easy way to get a bargain or find an item of special value to you. Auctions provide one of the most exciting ways to shop!
Who are Auctioneers?
Auctioneers are professional licensed individuals who are bonded by the State to protect you. They must attend school. To better work for their clients, they maintain their education through seminars, professional organizations and extended courses. There are laws and requirements Auctioneers must follow to keep their licenses, so you are protected.
Can I inspect items at an Auction?
YES, You are invited to view all items prior to auction. Auctions are one of  the few places you are encouraged to handle and inspect the items for sale so that you know what you are buying. There are no resalesóďAs Is, Where IsĒ with no guarantees or warranty expressed or implied .
How Do I Resgister?
Before bidding, you must register with the cashier who will ask for identification, usually a driverís license. You will receive a bidder card. It is your charge card and contract with the Bid Caller/Auctioneer. Donít lose it; you are responsible for purchases made against that bidder card number. When the Auction is ready to begin, the Bid Caller/Auctioneer will go over the rules, times certain objects will sell and anything else you need to know. They will also answer any question you have at this time.
How Do I bid?
When you see an item you are interested in, set a price in your mind of what itís worth to  you. The Bid Caller will call out bids in certain increments, and you will decide to hold up your card to bid or drop out. If you are the high bidder, hold up your bidder card so the number can be recorded by the clerk. See, you set the price!
How Do I Leave An Absentee Bid?
If you have to leave before your item comes up for bid, you can complete an Absentee Bid Form leaving your contact information, bid amount, and method of payment with the cashier.  




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